Some Great Words…Stewardship vs Ownership

He told me that understanding joy beings when we learn that ownership pertains only to things that we can take with us when we leave this world. The rest of what we perceive as ours is only in our stewardship for a time. He explained that many people he had known over the years had spent their lives amassing great wealth, only to die alone. Others, he said, made their fortunes and spent it on toys, trips, and homes all over the world.

He spoke of a few of his friends who understood joy and instead of living lavishly or selfishly, gave their money to build hospitals and soup kitchens, training centers and schools. They funded research institutions to study and rid the world of disease, finding ways to use their money to better the lives and lifestyles of hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. He insisted that everyone, regardless of his station in life or the size of his bank account, could experience this same joy. He promised me that those who truly understand their role as stewards over God’s gifts always have enough for their needs and their money is often returned to them tenfold, inspiring them to give more.

He taught me that is is easier to develop a generous heart when you are young and poor, warning that once a man believes his wealth and position in life are due only to his own efforts, understanding joy becomes much more difficult.

Joy, in all its glory, can only be obtained through unselfishness.

This is not something that the rest of the world understands.

We are taught from a very young age that you must consume to be happy. Bigger homes, bigger bank accounts, nicer cars, and clothes are all on the agenda to become happy.

But we can’t be fooled.

A Steward understands that everything he has can be taken away by the actual owner.



The Things That Really Matter. Words From Jerry Wainwright.

Last month, I attended a basketball tournament at the University of Kentucky. It was a blast!

I hit a game winning shot, in game two, with 2 seconds left on the clock in Rupp Arena.

Believe me, It doesn’t get much better than that.

The teams were coached by the likes of John Calipari, Jerry Wainwright, Tony Barbee, and my coach, Seth Greeberg.

We raised over 1 million for charity while having a great time playing ball.

But it’s not all fun and games…

It’s hard work. It takes a lot of mental endurance, physical sweat, and the application of fundamentals. By day three your body wants to completely shut down and you do everything possible just to keep moving.

Since most of us on the court are CEOs, executives, and business owners… there was a palpable hate for losing. We win. It was war.

In the semi final game I had the chance to shoot the last shot.

Picture this: 6 seconds left on the scoreboard. I’m at the top of the key, handling the ball while waiting for the screen.

It was the perfect set up as I shook my defender and managed to get the exact look at the rim that I wanted. I was on fire that game, so I felt confident in having the ball and taking the final stab at the basket.

Coming off the screen, I bolted around the 3point line and took the shot. Perfection. Technical perfection. My arms were extended, my eyes were glued on the basketball as it flew through the air, propelled by the skills I work so hard to perfect. Time stood still as both teams eyed the fate of my attempt to win.

Anyway, the point?

A couple weeks after the tournament I got a letter from Jerry Wainwright. He took the time to hand write a letter and send me some of his thoughts/wisdom.

I wanted to pass this along to you guys. Because when an old man talks, you better listen.

They tend to see things a lot clearer than the rest of us.

Here is what he said.

“Life isn’t about money. It’s about people, commitment, loyalty and relationships. I didn’t always know this but I know it now. In the end, we won’t be measured by our bank account, sales numbers or wins and losses but by the difference we made in people’s lives…and we make a difference through relationships.”

“Don’t chase dollars or success. Decide to make a difference an build meaningful relationships and success will find you.”

“Don’t be a networker. Invest in relationships not because you want something buy because you want to build something!”

“Don’t ignore those who are closest to you. Identify the relationships in your life that need to be stronger and then make a conscious effort to focus on them, make time for them, develop them and invest in them.”

“And be nice to everyone. Because you never know.”

“Outwork your talents!”

And then some

These three words are the secret of success. They are the difference between average people and the top people in most companies and on most teams…..

  • The Top people always do what is expected…and then some
  • They care about the team, they are considerate…and then some
  • They meet their obligations and responsibility fairly and squarely…and then some
  • They can be counted on in and emergency…and then some
  • They have a great attitude…and then some
  • They have a great passion…and then some


My shot? …hit the back of the rim and rattled out.

We lost in triple over time.

That’s just the way it goes. Sometimes you hit the shot and sometimes you don’t.

The key is to keep shooting!

10 Things That Will Make You Happy

1. Kids

Some people might think I am crazy, but trust me I am not. Kids will bring a lot of joy into your life. Just look at my 4. They are nothing but trouble. When I come home from work and see how happy they are to see me, there is a jolt of happiness. You have to try it!
Jace Vernon
2. Creating Value

We all need to feel wanted and the way to do that is to create value. You do not need to create the next Amazon. Just create value for others and they will pay you for it.

3. Exercise

Nobody likes to be fat and unhealthy. I feel bad for people who do not take care of their bodies and I can’t imagine how they feel. Eating too much and not exercising will ruin your life. You can handle 20 minutes a day.
You have to exercise

4. Meditation

I am still practicing this one, so stay tuned.

5. Goodness

Be nice, be good, and stay away from things like drugs, alcohol and smoking. We all know what is right and wrong. The more we choose the right the happier we will be. Making bad choices everyday leads to failure.

6. Work

Working and creating value go hand in hand. We should learn to enjoy work!

7. Learning

Never stop learning. Your intelligence will go with you when you die. Turn your car into a learning machine. Listen to books, read books, attend educational conferences and find great mentors. (my mentors are books)

8. Forgiveness

Don’t hold grudges. You can’t afford the emotional toll that hate and anger bring with them. Forgive everyone and do so quickly.

9. Faith

There is a God and you can’t reach full happiness without having a little bit of Faith in him.

10. Service

A life of service equals greatness and service will increase your love, compassion, and empathy.

Where good people and businesses go to die. They Don’t Ship!

I love reading great books with great ideas. Seth Godin’s Linchpin is a must read if you want to change your thoughts and ideas about the future.

In the book Linchpin, Seth talks about one principle that makes total sense to me, but for some reason others just do not grasp the concept.

The idea is “You must ship.”

How often do we find ourselves stuck, and frustrated because the stars have not aligned, the project is not perfect, or our life is not exactly how we want it to be?


• We procrastinate launching a new idea because we fear rejection.

• We do not launch a new website, because the look isn’t exactly perfect.

• We do not go out and make sales; because we fill we need to learn every aspect of the product

• We spend hours and huge amounts of man power coordinating and discuss ideas, but never seem to do the actual work.

• We do not launch a video because one scene is not perfect.

• We spend hours on busy work but put off what is really important.

• We spend so much time on tweaking, updating, revising, sometimes starting over until ultimately the project is in chaos.

• We abandoned our dreams all together because one person doubts us or our dreams.

The only purpose of starting is to finish; but here’s the catch, nothing is ever finished. There are always things that can change and improvements that can be made, but this does not mean we do not ship.

“Shipping something out the door, doing it regularly, without hassle, emergency, or fear – this is a rare skill, something that makes you indispensable.”

Challenge to Shipping

“Thrashing: tweaking, updating, revising, doubts, fears, sometimes even major surgery; essential, but when to do it? Amateur: all at the end. Pro: early.

Coordination: the more people you have, the harder coordination is.
The reason: the resistance.”

Google is a great company at this. Have you noticed how they always are launching things in beta. They launch a product and then make adjustments as they go.

“Good is good enough.”

Get Shipping! This week see what you have been putting off and make it happen. Work on that new idea; launch that new marketing plan, stop tweaking.

Good luck

+Jace Vernon

Linchpin by Seth Godin. Why You Must Ship!

A genius looks at something that others are stuck on and gets the world unstuck.


“Real artists ship.”

The only purpose of starting is to finish, and while the projects we do are never really finished, they must ship.

Shipping something out the door, doing it regularly, without hassle, emergency, or fear—this is a rare skill, something that makes you indispensable.

Challenges to shipping:

Thrashing: tweaking, updating, revising, sometimes even major surgery; essential, but when to do it? Amateur: all at the end. Pro: early.

The reason: the resistance.

Linchpin by Seth Godin. Why You Must Ship

It is not about the conference, Its about the Ideas!

Every time a new conference comes up I have this huge internal battle. Part of me wants so attend, part of me knows I should attend, and the other part of me makes up excuses. Who wants to pay the money, travel, take time off work, or sleep in hotels?

There are benefits. Once you get there you are always happy you went. I always get my monies worth and I will always walk away with something that will change my life forever. There is nothing like face-to-face interaction. We need it!

Last week I took the trip down to Arizona for Icon2014. I heard Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and a couple of others speakers. Imagine being in a room full of amazing people looking for improvement. There is power in it. There is just something in the air that gets passed around to all of us. Great ideas flow and inspiration is like oxygen. I realized that conferences are all about the Ideas and if we implement the ideas then our businesses and lives will change for the better.

When I got home, I found two YouTube videos that are basically the same talks. YouTube is amazing. I hope you like them.


Who is Jace Vernon

Jace Vernon is a true entrepreneur.  He is President and Founder behind the Why of life.   Currently Ydraw, Ysale and Yinc are his focus and passion.  You might notice a bit of a theme.  The reason for the Y is because it stands for the question Why?  Jace Vernon believes that there needs to be a strong why behind everything we do in life.  When you have a why, the how doesn’t matter and you will accomplish things that you never thought you could. Currently Jace takes care of the day to day tasks of keeping Ydraw afloat.  He does have an MBA degree that says he is good in business, but his real education comes from the school of hard knox.  Business is not easy and comes with its up and downs which Jace has experience.  Patience, hard work, and sleepless night are the norm for most entrepreneurs.

With a strong knowledge in raising capital, business start ups,  investing, and internet marketing,  Jace has been responsible for setting up multiple profitable businesses in a few short years.  Some of those businesses have failed and others are growing.  His passion is service to customers and he loves to make others happy.

On a lighter note Jace’s greatest accomplishments have been dunking  a basketball, getting a hole-in-one, reading 150 business books in a year, and winning the football city league. It is tough to do all that but somebody has to.   He has triumphed, conquered, and failed in business endeavors which have created some great  building blocks.

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