Current Owned Projects

Cincinnati Quads C-CLASS

4 Quad units located in Cincinnati Ohio.
Purchase price $640,000
Down Payment $160,000
Loan Amount $480,000
Interest Rate 2.75%
Cashflow per Month $5160 Net
Estimated Payback 4 Years (better than expected)
6% Preferred Monthly Payout
70/30 Split (Investor gets 70%)

Lindon Storage Units

This project is unique. It is a storage unit model where we sell off the middle units for boat owners and people who want to have a place to store toys. It’s a needed product. We hold onto the outer units for cash flow.

Purchase price $2,000,000
Cash flow per Month TBA

Amira Resort and SPA

Purchase price $130,000
Cash flow per Month $1800
Nightly Rental Unit