1. Kids

Some people might think I am crazy, but trust me I am not. Kids will bring a lot of joy into your life. Just look at my 4. They are nothing but trouble. When I come home from work and see how happy they are to see me, there is a jolt of happiness. You have to try it!

Doing Yoga with Camdyn Jace Vernon

2. Creating Value

We all need to feel wanted and the way to do that is to create value. You do not need to create the next Amazon. Just create value for others and they will pay you for it.

3. Exercise

Nobody likes to be fat and unhealthy. I feel bad for people who do not take care of their bodies and I can’t imagine how they feel. Eating too much and not exercising will ruin your life. You can handle 20 minutes a day.
You have to exercise

4. Meditation

I am still practicing this one, so stay tuned.

5. Goodness

Be nice, be good, and stay away from things like drugs, alcohol and smoking. We all know what is right and wrong. The more we choose the right the happier we will be. Making bad choices everyday leads to failure.

6. Work

Working and creating value go hand in hand. We should learn to enjoy work!

7. Learning

Never stop learning. Your intelligence will go with you when you die. Turn your car into a learning machine. Listen to books, read books, attend educational conferences and find great mentors. (my mentors are books)

8. Forgiveness

Don’t hold grudges. You can’t afford the emotional toll that hate and anger bring with them. Forgive everyone and do so quickly.

9. Faith

There is a God and you can’t reach full happiness without having a little bit of Faith in him.

10. Service

A life of service equals greatness and service will increase your love, compassion, and empathy.